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[ PersonalPronoun ]
ตัว เขา เอง
ตัว เขา เอง

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Interjections In Thai
อ้าว aao shows surprise or disappointment at an unexpected turn of events.

โอ้โห oh ho or shortened form ho show surprise, admiration or amazement at something. It's a exclamation you often hear from TV sports commentators who like to say it every time a player does something skillful. โอ้โห is a bit broader in scope than ว้าว wao from the English "wow!" , just used for showing admiration.

แหม mae also shows surprise, but without the element of disappointment of อ้าว . One common use of it is in a joking way when reacting to an obvious exaggeration, lie, boastful comment, or over/under-reaction. It's a bit more common in female speech than in male.

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