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Thai2English Online

Thai2English can enable you to easily read, understand and translate Thai text, even with little or no knowledge of Thai grammar. It will automatically transliterate Thai to roman letters so it can be read without needing to know Thai script, and tone marks are added to each syllable to show how they're pronounced. The text is then spaced out dictionary definitions are shown for each word when you move your mouse over them, to make translating and understanding the text quick and straightforward.

To get started, type or copy-and-paste Thai script into the text box. Non Thai words are left unchanged.

The transliteration for the text you entered is shown below, and you can move your mouse over any Thai word to see its translation. Many Thai words have more than one possible meaning and we try to select the best one from the context, so not all possible meanings are shown for all words. You can click on any word to look it up in the dictionary for a fuller definition.


Did You Know ?

Exclamations In Thai
โอ๊ย oie is used when reacting to pain or some other unpleasant feeling or situation, or sometimes used to show surprise in general.

นี่ nee can be used before a statement to make it sound serious or important, or to make a question sound pressing and demanding of a straight answer. It also has separate uses as a particle and the pronoun "this".

อืม eum and เออ er mean either "yes ; yeah" or "erm ; err" , though using er to mean "yeah" is regarded as quite impolite.

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